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June 16 2015

I don’t have much more to say about Redo, but I should mention a few things and point out a few resources (including some criticism).

First, the apenwarr version of Redo on github supports parallel building (using the -j flag just as in make). I haven’t tried it out, but hey, parallel building is cool. Also, Redo claims to support recursive builds much better than some other tools (cough make). I haven’t ever need to use that, either.

If you’re interested, I’d encourage you to read the original notes by Bernstein. They’re short, but interesting. apenwarr’s discussion of his implementation is also a great read.

A few other discussions of Redo that are worth mentioning:

If you read these, you quickly come to the conclusion that Redo is not perfect. However, I have enjoyed using it more than any other build tool I’ve ever encountered. I’d encourage you to give it a shot!

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