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May 14 2016

In 2014-2015 I fooled around with concurrency in C++ a lot, mainly to learn about software transactional memory and lock free data structures. I learned a lot but never quite got to polishing anything up. Since I have code lying around and tons of free time to waste, I’m tidying it up, writing about it, and putting it up. Particularly with STM on gcc, there’s not much info around it seems. That’s sad, because it’s such a cool feature! I’m not sure I’d use it in a pacemaker or anything, but for hobby projects or scientific applications I think the idea has great merit and is completely useful today.


June 14 2015

In the previous post, we looked a some advantages of STM in the context of a bank account transaction. Let’s tackle a famous problem having to do with concurrent systems, the Dining Philosopher’s Problem. Recall that in this problem a group of philosophers sit at a round table. Between each of them is a fork. In order to eat their meal, the philosophers need both forks, so each tries to grab one fork and then the other. If they can do so, they eat for a bit and put both forks down.


June 10 2015

Previously we looked at a simple counter using STM, software transactional memory. It’s maybe not the best example of showing off the power of STM, so let’s have another look.


June 04 2015

When I was a kid, if you were lucky enough to have a computer, it had one core and not much memory and it ran really slowly. It’s a wonder anything got done. We couldn’t even order toilet paper from Amazon because Amazon didn’t exist yet. But now, lots of cores are the norm, and things are only going to get better (worse?). How can we deal with the additional complexity brought on by the need to use these cores effectively?