R. Sean Bowman

Software developer, Mathematician, Teacher

I have not taught since I left academia in 2015. However, I put a lot hard work in to learning that particular skill, and I believe that those years of practice have paid off. Teaching has made me more aware of my own shortcomings in knowledge, communication, and persuasion, and it has also helped me improve in those very areas. One of the most important skills I’ve learned from teaching is trying to understand the other person’s point of view before moving forward.

For what it’s worth, here’s a synopsis of my years teaching.

Teaching Experience

I have taught math classes ranging from college algebra to differential equations; a full list is given below. My teaching philosophy involves lots of student contact, frequent low risk assessment opportunities, and feedback between student and teacher.

At Oklahoma State University, I was part of the overhaul of the Calculus I course, an effort to improve the student success rates significantly. During my time there I taught Calculus I as well as Differential Equations/Linear Algebra.

During the period 2005–2011 at UT Austin, I taught calculus for the Longhorn Scholars program for three semesters. These classes include first generation and historically underrepresented students who sometimes need extra help adjusting to college life. These classes were both challenging and rewarding to teach.

Rewarding in a different way are classes for honors students. I taught one semester of honors differential equations, and I was invited to teach calculus for emerging scholars for two semesters. This class, in which students can enroll by invitation only, is a challenging adjunct to the traditional calculus sequence. The students are very sharp, highly motivated, and need to be presented with challenges in order to keep from getting bored.

Here is a more or less complete list of classes I have taught:

  • college algebra
  • discrete math
  • precalculus
  • calculus I, II, and III,
  • differential equations
  • linear algebra
  • calculus for emerging scholars (a challenging adjunct to the traditional calculus sequence)

In addition to undergraduate teaching, I have also had many opportunities to speak about mathematics in general and my work in particular. My publications and talks page has a complete list.